Date: Jul 20, 1995 9:02 PM
Author: William Schuth Jr.
Subject: Pulling up stakes, etc.

I, too have become dismayed with the degeneration of this list.  Used to be
a person could look forward to the postings every day, and read all of them.
Now, however, a guy has to wade through a lot of garbage to find the gems.

Can I offer a solution? Seems to me that NO human being is so bright that
they can generate more than ONE pearl of wisdom per day. Yet some seem to
feel that they can make our lives better with five, six, or seven great
contributions EVERY day.

Maybe if, as a condition of being on this list, we were all limited to only
one (or only two, although I personally think that's too much) posting per
day, on our honor, we would be more reflective, saving our opportunity to
step up to the soap box for our best or most impactive point.

What do you think?

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William Schuth Jr.

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