Date: May 29, 1995 10:04 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: meaningful standards (fwd)

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Subj: Re: meaningful standards (fwd)
Date: 95-05-29 21:48:50 EDT
From: DoctorCHEK
To: DanH150093

Dan worte:

> I've come to the conclusion that students
>will best be prepared for a lifetime of math if they learn in a well
>structured curriculum accumulating a reservior of concepts and algorithms
>they can bring to bear on problems. And as a part of that curriculum, we
>should practice exactly that on problems sometimes provided by materials
>representing the strands of the Calif. framework and the NCTM standards.

>problem I have is that I don't think working from the specific problem to
>general skill works as well.

On your last sentence, Dan.....I have to agree 100%

Harvey Becker
Woodside High School
Woodside California