Date: Jun 23, 1995 9:56 PM
Author: Eileen Schoaff
Subject: length of school year

In New York State students attend school from Labor Day until the third week
of June. That is, today was the last day. State Regents exams went
on this week. Summer school begins the week after 4th of July and continues
until the second week of August. Therefore, some students and teachers
may have 2.25 months vacation, and some only a few weeks.

The average class size is 20-25 in elementary school, 30-40 in high school.
To increase class size, we would have to increase room sizes. I have been
in schools where there are not even enough desks -- one student sits in
a folding chair. I don't think fire code will allow for more students.

I have read some of this material by Stevenson and Stigler. I notices that
their teachers (in Japan) do not seem to have lunch duty, schoolyard duty,
clubs, fish fries, candy sales, study hall, hall duty, and all the other
demeaning jobs assigned to teachers in this country. What other professionals
have to do jobs totally unrelated to their training? What other professionals
have to pay their own dues for memberships in professional organizations,
pay for subscriptions to professional publications, buy their own materials
and manipulatives?

Eileen Schoaff
Buffalo State College