Date: Mar 15, 1995 8:28 AM
Author: Jack Rotman
Subject: College Algebra standards

> Butch Sloan said:

> >I am aware of the NCTM standards for K-12 mathematics, but I have had a
> >request for what the reform movement is suggesting for the standard
> >college algebra curriculum at the junior college or university level.
> >Can anyone point me towards a source for what's being advocated in this area?
> >
> >If this is not of interest to the list, please respond to me directly.
> >
> >Thanks in advance,
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Actually, there is a complete "Standards" document for the introductory
levels of math at colleges/university.

The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) is the
professional group representing math instructors at community colleges and
the entry level at universities. Through a long-term project, we have been
writing a Standards document for mathematics at this level.

The "Standards for Introductory College Mathematics" (SICM) is in its
final form at the present time. The document is being considered for
statements of support from many organizations, and will be adopted
officially by AMATYC at our fall conference this November in Little

For more information, I'd suggest you contact your nearest community
college. Many colleges have had faculty involved in the process. If
they don't have the information, they can get in touch with their
state AMATYC affiliate. (Such as TexMATYC in Texas.)

For high school teachers who can make a conference trip, you would
probably find the AMATYC conference interesting. (We in AMATYC often
go to NCTM meetings for parallel reasons.) If you want more information
on the conference, contact the AMATYC office:
The 1995 conference revolves around implementing the Standards, so you'd
see quite a few presentations at the college algebra level and below.

I hope this helps!
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