Date: Mar 14, 1995 2:47 PM
Author: Ronald A Ward
Subject: Chapter 3--Everybody Counts

Continuing the weekly series, here are a few questions related to 
material on pages 31 thru 41 of the booklet "Everybody Counts," published
by National Academy Press:

1. What really is "mathematical power" and how do your students get it?
[The definition given in this reform document differs markedly from
those given in the various Standards documents, in my opinion]

2. In what sense is mathematics our "invisible culture"?

3. Comment on the statement: "As computers become more powerful, the
need for mathematics will decline."

4. Why is it that mathematics education in the United States resists
change in spite of the many forces that are revolutionizing the nature
and role of mathematics itself?

5. Why do you suppose that 50% of school teachers leave the profession
every seven years?

Comments welcomed. Please share your thoughts with the Listserv as we
lead up to the Boston meetings.

Ron Ward/Western Washington U/Bellingham, WA 98225