Date: May 1, 1995 6:45 PM
Subject: survey for your input

Attention to all interested respondants:

Our Probability and Statistics class is learning to do research and
the related statistics.

We would like to hear from all teenagers responding to internet from
ages 16-19 only.

How old are you? ____

Sex: Male ____ Female ____

If you found Aladdin's lamp and had the same three wishes which ones
would you choose?

____ 1: Money and riches

____ 2: Expensive cars

____ 3: To live forever

____ 4: To always be happy

____ 5: To be famous

____ 6: To live easy

If your wish is not one of the options above please give your
response below. These are the quid pro quos:

1: No wishing for more wishes.

2: No wishing to kill someone.

3: No wishing to make someone fall in love with you.

4: No wishing for someone to come back from the dead.

We would only want to get one different response from the choices

1: _____________________________________________________________