Date: May 4, 1995 11:02 PM
Author: Eileen Abrahamson
Subject: Fractals Replies

Thanks for the stimulating discussion - I am going to summarize what I
think you told me about fractals so that I can tell if I got the idea.
Please correct me if I have it wrong :-)

Fractals are self-similar objects/patterns such as a line of telephone
poles in perspective, rivers branching, or an artery structure, except that
they branch infinitely. At the intermediate level any kind of in-depth
discussion can not take place because there is some significant math
involved in the generation of fractals, however, if nothing else, the kids
could be exposed to what they are and could do some simple activities
involving them. Sometimes Self-similar patterns do not lead to fractals.
The word `fractals' mean that they have non-integer fractal dimensions.

Are the iterating patterns in Pascal's Trianlge an example of fractals?

Again, let me know if I got any of this wrong :-)

Eileen Abrahamson
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