Date: Nov 14, 2000 7:05 PM
Author: Gerald Von Korff
Subject: Count all the votes

Count everyone's votes!!!   Count them correctly:  our democracy depends
upon it.

Whoever wins our national election should enter office as the winner by
accurately counted votes. Without an accurate count of the votes, our
nation will struggle for the next four years with a president burdened
by a lack of legitimacy. In virtually every state, when an election is
close, a recount is performed to determine the actual count as nearly as
possible. that's because in America, the winner is the person who got
the most vote, not the winner of the party who controls the courts, the
secretary of state, the governor or the attorney general. It is the
people's votes which should be counted.

An accurate recount is taken in close elections as a matter of course.
The right to have votes counted accurately in close elections is nothing
new or special: it is a basic fundamental principle of our democracy
observed in local and state elections. In Minnesota, we frequently have
recounts in close elections. Noone every questions that right: the
idea that someone should not request a recount because they are sore
losers is spurious. The purpose of the recount is to find out who won
the election: to find out the will of the people.

It is said that we cannot afford to count the ballots accurately,
because international markets will suffer. But the reverse is true.
Our national standing will withstand an extra week of recounting: but
it will not withstand four years of public belief that the election has
been stolen.

How can anyone be harmed by counting everyone's votes accurately and
fairly. How can our democracy be but damaged by the perception that
tens of thousands of votes have been miscounted or thrown out because a
little piece of paper was hanging out of a hole caused a computer to
rejected a ballot: that tens of thousands of votes have been thrown out
simply because a hole was not accurately punched.

Count all the votes. Count them accurately and fairly. Pass it on.

Connie and Jerry Von Korff