Date: Apr 27, 2001 5:21 PM
Author: S.K.Mody
Subject: Re: Lines in the plane

"Ahmed Fares" <> wrote in message
> >Suppose that exactly k of the points lie on the same line
> >for some k ( 2 <= k < n ). Then each of the remaining
> >n - k points can be paired with each of these points leading
> >to (n - k)*k distinct lines. Along with the first line this leads
> >to 1 + (n-k)*k lines which is >= n for n >= 3.

> You are assuming that each line between one remaining point and one of
> the k points contains only these 2 points, this is not true in general
> of course.

Yes, sorry I goofed - that's the third time this week :-()
But see my corrected post - I think that's right.