Date: Sep 14, 2004 12:56 AM
Author: Nate Smith
Subject: Re: Composites, and neat relation

>>James Harris wrote:
>>>You're right. The requirement is that x>=1.
> "C. Bond" wrote:
James Burns wrote:

> Shouldn't that be "Oops++" ?
> Jim Burns


this reminds me of a Paul Dirac story. i cannot remember
where i read this story, but it always brings chuckle.

the story goes:

there is a convention of physicists - an annual meeting.
somewhere at some university. all manner of luminary
physicists are there. they are congregating around & going
from lecture to lecture, dig.

so there is this lecture going on. a young man is using
all 4 blackboards to write out these huge equations as the
the audience is close to nodding off. he is getting close
to the end of his presentation and his voice is getting
very excited as he audibly draws chalk across the boards.
still much of the audience is close to the Big Snooze.

he roars down to the final 18 inches of board and suddenly
as he writes the final conclusion, sees that he is off by
the sign of the answer.

awkwardly waving his hands, he sputters out to the audience
"OOOOPS, i missed a minus sign....."

Paul Dirac yells out "You mean an ODD NUMBER of minus signs!"

- nate