Date: Jan 13, 2005 4:53 AM
Author: James
Subject: RE: Angle Trisection

>Dear Sergei, 
>Thank you for the interesting comments on angles that can be
>There is, however, a problem with the statement I isolated above, and

>the argument is not correct. To see why, let me give a more
>It is like saying, for example, that an angle of 10 degrees can be
>constructed because 10 = 30 - 2.10.
> On the other hand we know that an angle of 10 degrees cannot be
>constructed (If it could, so would its double 20, so 60 could be
>trisected. But it is well known that it cannot).

Not to be redundent of you, but I believe I can trisect any arbitrary
angle there is with a rather simple way of doing it too, all I have to
do is trisect a 90 degree angle in a way that it also trisects my
arbitrary angle, so, as you say, a 60 degree angle can be trisected,
and by how I do it's rather easy, soon as I can get this out in the
open I'll post back here with detailed instructions on how to do it