Date: Mar 14, 2002 1:24 PM
Author: Gottfried Helms
Subject: [JSH/HSJ] Another document of P.d.Fermat discovered

Hi -

just discovered a document which is obviously left from P. de Fermat.
The size of the paper was astonishing; in the cryptic words of the
header line he recurred to his sproblem of too small margins in
contemporary scientific books.

On this note he left us a formula, which ontains y and x in implicite
form. He annotated this formula as one of his greatest proceedings to
match human mind and maths. He seems to have stated that even after
his "last theorem"; but he didn't retrieve a theorem of this equivalence,
so his second great contribution to maths would not be devaluated.

I was not able to write it down in explicite form for y; but
possibly someone with a CAS is able to do that.
In the meantime I searched with brute force for solutions
in x and y for the term to be zero. The plotted result was an astonishing
example of math-of-objects (an early OOM?).

0= 8100*x^14

Gottfried Helms.