Date: Jul 27, 2005 12:58 AM
Subject: Re: Teacher's Edition for Moise and Downs "Geometry"

Great, very glad to hear that.  My particular interest happens to be secondary school geometry and geometry teaching and textbooks.  I have quite an extensive collection, going back to the old Wentworth books of the 1890's.  It is a fascinating thing to see, for example, when the books started using "2-column" proofs, when the term "congruent triangles" came into usage to replace the term "equal triangles" and when "homologous parts" of triangles became "corresponding parts."  You would not believe, for example, how long it took before an author was bold enough to postulate the two basic theorems on parallel lines (if intersected by a transversal to form 2 = alternate interior angles, 2 lines are \\; and if 2 \\ lines are interesected by a transversal, they form a pair of = alternate interior angles). (No book that I've ever seen prior to the early 1940's took these as assumptions; first one I can think of was "A New Geometry for Secondary Schools" by Herberg and Orleans, published by Heath.)  Anyway, I am awfully glad for you that you found the book you were looking for, especially through the kindness of another subscriber here.  Neal