Date: Jan 24, 2007 2:06 PM
Author: Luminoso
Subject: Re: Lubos Motl's forced resignation from Harvard University Physics Department

On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 22:06:04 GMT, Jack Sarfatti <>

>Memorandum for the Record
>I complained to Amazon about Lubos Motl smearing Woit's & Smolin's
>anti-string theory books as "crank" and "crackpot." At least he reviewed
>those. In my case he never bought any of my books about UFOs,
>paranormal, quantum physics, relativity, my autobiography, etc from
>Amazon, he does not own them, he never read them, and yet he tagged them
>with insults and slurs. It now looks like Amazon will not allow
>non-customers who did not buy the books from them to tag them with
>slander and libelous language in acts of personal vengeance as was so in
>the case of Lubos Motl. Motl insults Sir Roger Penrose as "disconnected"
>from Reality, but at least he reviewed Roger's book. It's one thing for
>people to flame each other in e-mail, it's quite another to do it
>irresponsibly like Lubos Motl making financially damaging comments under
>false circumstances commenting negatively on books never read without
>specific details in a review to substantiate the allegations.
>People like Lubos who live in glass houses should not throw stones
>Lubos was, in reality, fired last week or so from Harvard Physics
>Department (outwardly he "resigned" - but no one willingly resigns from
>Harvard in mid-year obviously) for precisely this kind of unprofessional
>public activity. Too much blogging and calling people bad names and too
>little research. Not wise for a young man without tenure.

Are you kidding ? Obnoxious and judgemental, slanderous,
negative, halfway-informed, insulting ... just watch,
he'll land a job as a science consultant for CNN, FOX
or one of the others. Hey, Mark Furman was a racist,
abusive, evidence-falsifying all-'round bad cop and
now he's the 'expert' CNN uses anytime there's an
issue involving police. He should be in jail, but
instead he's on prime time.