Date: Mar 26, 2007 3:15 PM
Author: Michael Grace-Martin
Subject: Reminder: Cornell Secondary School Educator Survey

Hi again.

I just wanted to send one reminder that we'll be taking the survey down
tomorrow morning to analyze the data and prepare a report. So, if you
still want to participate in the survey (see below), please do so before
tomorrow morning. Thanks to all of you who have participated so
far..:-). By the way, the winner of the $50 will be selected and
notified before the end of the week.

Michael Grace-Martin

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Subject: Cornell Secondary School Educator Survey
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 19:11:41 -0400
From: Michael Grace-Martin <>
To: Michael Grace-Martin <>

Hi all.

Cornell University is re-designing a portion of their website to make it
easier for secondary school educators and other members of the community
to tap into the multitude of educational programs and resources located
at, or associated with, Cornell. We would like ask a few questions and
test some prototype web pages on one of the biggest presumed audiences
for this information--secondary school educators--to see if we're on the
right track. To accomplish this, we've created an on-line survey and
placed it at This is an
opportunity for you to tell the Cornell web designers what information
you could use and how to design it for your needs as a teacher. We
expect the survey to take 10-20 minutes, but it may take less or more
time depending on your survey-taking style.

This survey is restricted to primary and secondary school educators, and
we'd prefer that you teach in New York State or some nearby state in the
Northeast region of the United States (e.g., Connecticut, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont). If you're not sure but think you
should be included, please ask Michael Grace-Martin first via email
( before taking the survey. Please try to complete the
survey by the end of Monday, March 26. We'll need to cut it off at that
point in order to analyze the collected data and prepare the final
report by our internal deadline.

As an extra incentive, we are offering a 50 dollar "door prize" to be
awarded to a randomly drawn survey respondent. It's anyone's guess how
many educators will participate in this survey, but your chances of
winning the $50 are likely to be pretty good.

If you have any other questions regarding the survey, please email
Michael Grace-Martin at

Thank you,
Michael Grace-Martin