Date: Jun 30, 2008 7:44 PM
Subject: Re: reading comprehension on mathematics exams

I would like to comment regarding the fact that students should be able to  
read and interpret the questions asked on the regents exam. I truly believe a
student should be able to read and analyze before graduating high school,
comprehension is important. Please remember this is a mathematics test that
requires a student to use a graphing calculator. I would prefer a math test
without a calculator because I also believe a student should be able to add,
subtract, multiply and divide manually. Another skill that is useful in the
real world is calculating percents in their head. Yes the student can use the
calculator but they do not have a sense of how numbers work. How many times
does calculator give an answer that is way off and the student does not
realize it. I believe a calculator is introduced before the student's achieve
mastery. Yes the calculator can be used for demonstrations, in order for the
students to learn more math but without the basics it is useless.

It is a shame that in order to raise standards for the slower student we
destroyed the education of the average student. I may not understand the
politics of all these changes but things just keep getting worse. The system we
had using the RCT and Regents exam was good for the student that did not
intend to go to college and the student who attends college.

Just tired of saying the same thing and nothing improving.

I could go on but enough is enough.

Enjoy the 4th of July

Thank you,
Beverly Risco

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