Date: Jan 22, 2009 1:50 PM
Author: mensanator
Subject: Re: -1 x -1 ?

On Jan 22, 11:21 am, David R Tribble <> wrote:
> Tay wrote:
> >> -1 *-1 = 1 huh?
> >> It's so simple.

> Mensanator wrote:

> > If North is positive and you're facing South,
> > what's your displacement if you take a step backwards?

> One step? ;-)
> Perhaps you meant: if I'm standing at -1, the South pole,
> and I move -1, one step backwards, what is my new location?

Nope, didn't mean that at all. I said "displacement",
not location.

> I guess that would depend on how large the world is.

Nope, not dependent on that at all.

> If half a step gets me to the North pole, then a full
> step gets me back to the South Pole.

The displacement is still +1 even if you are returned to
your starting point. When you take drive and eventually
return, have you used any gas?

> But why are you taking steps, which are additive instead of
> multiplicative?

I was under the impression that multiplication was related
to addition. How was I wrong?