Date: Nov 7, 2009 1:07 PM
Author: Patty Conigliaro
Subject: Mentoring

I'm struggling with the idea of mentoring/responding to a class set of the same problem. I'm unable to manage the pages in a timely manner. I've approx. 120 students.
Ideas...a different set up so an entire class shows up consecutively one after the other so just scrolling down would allow respounding to the class without closing one page , then opening the next and so on...
Also, my students have received some of the free mentoring which has been great! But I'd like to make the problems required and to really be valuable I 'd like to respond to each...So have we thought of generic type responses that would be useful, such as lacking details, show more work, expand the idea etc...such that we as teachers might be able to keep the response positive and individualized but not an impossible task.I hope this idea is translating...
Anyone having the same issue and any other ideas???