Date: Apr 7, 2010 7:01 PM
Author: Allan Turton
Subject: Re: Escape From The Textbook

Interestingly, every single point Henri made focuses on software, not
hardware. IWBs are hardware and while I don't think there's any argument
about the usefulness of software, hardware in the form of IWBs can be an
unnecessary and expensive part of the picture. You really need a very good
reason to buy such a large touch-screen. A data projector connected to a
computer (perhaps with a wireless tablet that can be passed around too) is
all that is required to do all the good things that Henri mentioned, at a
fraction of the price.

Allan Turton

On 8/4/10 4:24 AM, "Michael Paul Goldenberg" <> wrote:

> Henry Picciotto's intelligent response
> <
> oards.html>>
> to an article ("Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards, by Bill Ferriter
> =Q[RFGmQux6XnMebDMl4nddRDutTae13KtmNE>
> in which Mr. Ferriter attacks the purchase and use of Interactive
> White Boards, seemingly from a progressive perspective, recently was
> circulated via Jerry Becker's distribution list. I've been a fan of
> Henry's for a number of years and recommend anything he has to say.
> The conference he proposes for next year on Escape From The Textbook
> looks very interesting indeed.
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