Date: May 12, 2010 8:56 AM
Author: Valerie Klein
Subject: Re: Financial Categories

Thanks Ashley, this is just the kind of suggestion we were hoping to get. 

In that category right now we were thinking of ideas like:

(a) purchasing options - savings vs. credit card vs. layaway, etc., for example, Problems of the Week like #16990 which is about comparing text messaging plans

(b) Super market examples - using cost per unit signs, looking at package weights/sizes/etc.

(c) Looking at rent-to-own versus buying outright. risks, needs, etc. (i.e. sometimes renting makes sense even if it's more expensive if it's something you could not do without (i.e. refrigerator). this page (if you scroll down) has a nice chart of the costs over time, etc. of rent-toown on several items:

(d) comparison shopping, using coupons, store brand vs. name brand. - compare supermarket fliers from the sunday paper and try to figure out where to shop.

(e) car shopping: gas milage, typical maintenance costs, expected life of the car, etc.

Is that the kind of thing you were thinking about? Are there other ideas you would ad?