Date: Feb 10, 2011 11:02 AM
Author: Jan Sladky
Subject: Re: Lubos Motl's forced resignation from Harvard University Physics Department

"In my case he never bought any of my books about UFOs,
paranormal, quantum physics, relativity, my autobiography, etc ...."

That is enough to understand why Lubos reacted such way - all rational people would do the same.

"Lubos was, in reality, fired last week or so from Harvard Physics Department (outwardly he "resigned" - but no one willingly resigns from Harvard in mid-year obviously) for precisely this kind of unprofessional
public activity. Too much blogging and calling people bad names and too little research."

His resignation from Harvard had nothing to do with above mentioned. BTW - how the guy knows that ? Paranormal abilities ? ;-)

"I had nothing to do with Harvard's decision and did not at all try to get Lubos fired"

Everybody knows you are the good guy ;-)