Date: Mar 21, 2011 3:36 PM
Author: Ryan Spooner
Subject: Reading and Writing files  - Simulink

Does anyone know how to read a txt file or excel file while a simulink simulation is running?
Ive tried using the embedded Matlab block but it keeps giving an error saying that the fopen as well as xlsread is not supported. Is there a libary i have to add or is there another function block avaliable?
This is some of the code used. I know how to read and write in matlab no problems.
% Read Hourly Rates
HourlyRate = fopen('HourlyRate.xls', 'r');
HourlyRateEast = xlsread('HourlyRate.xls'); *(i do know fopen and fclose are not nessary for xlsread but i also use fprintf)