Date: May 7, 2011 10:36 PM
Subject: Re: Discrete Fourier Transform in 2D

Yeah, back in Spring'81 Control Theory they had us do a 5x5 transform by hand
(on the mid-term) and it was complex/imaginary..

mind-expanding.. You can't imagine how many of those academic menial/manual
kind of projects made me look at computer results with greater humility and
skepticism than my colleagues who hadn't.. (One econ professor had us take
apart a common data series and explain all the times the basis changed,
making the observations a lot less comparable than expectyed - a chem
professor took off points on an exam for every digit your result had that
could not be measured in his lab: if your calculator had twelve digits and
his instrument only two you lost 10% of your grade) DOing them once was
instructive.. doing them multiple times would have just been cruel..

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