Date: Jul 24, 2011 9:31 PM
Author: A Cron
Subject: Dynamic Mathematics Environment (Proposal)

I would like to discuss the following concept as a new area that I call a Dynamic Mathematics Environment.  

A dynamic mathematics environment (DME) is a personal learning environment, which uses dynamic mathematics software to enhance learning. A DME has the following integrated features: a colorful dynamic geometry environment (DGE) with the ability to create graph relations not just functions. It needs a spreadsheet with data manipulation ability, a computer algebra system (CAS), three-dimensional (3D) graphing, the ability to create freestanding Internet applications/applets (with all proprietary plug-ins built-in), the and ability to export/import mathematical objects between report generation tools. A DME is an everyday tool for learning, teaching, and the manipulating of mathematics. Most importantly, a DME allows a user to dynamically interact or explore with mathematical content by using the drag and drop features readily available with electronic learning tools.

I am interest in getting comments from mathematicians and educators on the DME for my dissertation.