Date: Aug 31, 2011 5:59 PM
Author: spasmous
Subject: Re: Problem with "lsqnonlin" function in matlab

On Aug 30, 12:34 am, "fsalehi " <> wrote:
> I  have a problem with 'lsqnonlin' function in matlab. I used it to optimizing this function:
>     objfun = @(z) y - ( z(5).*exp(-z(1).*(t-z(7)).^2).*cos(2*pi.*z(2).*(t-z(7))+z(3)) + z(6).*exp(-z(1).*(t-z(8)).^2).*cos(2*pi.*z(2).*(t-z(8))+z(4)) );
> % y is my signal and I optimize a guassian pulse function for Model Base Estimation
> options = optimset(options, 'MaxFunEvals', 10000, 'TolX', 1e-3, 'TolFun', 1e-2, 'MaxIter', 800, 'LargeScale', 'on', 'LevenbergMarquardt', 'on', 'DiffMaxChange', 1e-7, 'DiffMinChange', 1e-10, 'Display', 'off', 'Diagnostics', 'off');

i would try Display 'iter' to see what is happening. TolFun seems kind
of large and DiffMaxChange kind of small. Aslo I'm not sure
LargeScale, LevMarq and bound constraints are all compatible either.