Date: Oct 6, 2011 3:36 AM
Author: Lengyel Tamas
Subject: Setting parameters via Manipulate?

Dear Community,

I am facing a rather hard to learn problem in Mathematica: setting
multiple parameters simultaneously.

The basic problem is as follows: I have a set of parameters that define a
physical element (in my case an optical fiber). There are some standard
fibers with fixed parameters.
I wish to have a drop down menu (PopUpMenu in Math 8.0 I believe) that
sets these parameters to fixed values and have a few other parameters that
are adjustable in my simulation.

Ideally I wish to have all parameters to be able to be set using
Manipulate or some other sort of way (input string) and have drop down
menus that make these variables "jump" to the defined value.

My questions are:

-how can I implement this selection-type menu with fixed parameter sets and
-how can I have those parameters be adjustable alongside the above method?

Thank you in advance.

Tamás Lengyel