Date: Feb 22, 2012 2:22 PM
Author: h.jones
Subject: Re: SONNTAG! Symmetries of Nature 'n' Truth about Gravity(& Planck Units).

Conversely, we can find GM product of R=2.968980553x10^3m (see master
mass radius above) by dividing by 2 and multiplying by c^2, which is
1.334193324x10^20, divide this by R^2 and we get 3.027150776x10^13;
reciprocal equals 3.0343638x10^-14; multiply by 4,
1.321374552x10^-13, then multiply by Gc/2, which becomes
1.32141x10^-15m, which is the Compton wavelength of the proton.

We can see here how the formula for ascertaining surface gravity,
reciprocated, adjusted by 4 and multiplied by Gc/2 helps link us to
the proton wavelength by way of the Schwarzschild Radius of a Sun like
mass. Or, the otherway round by way of the last post.