Date: Jun 2, 2012 4:40 PM
Subject: Re: P vs NP problem

"Jesse F. Hughes"  wrote in message

"|-| E R C" <> writes:

> i.e. my Javascript Chess Engine Vs Deep Blue.
> I can look 30 moves ahead - 2^30 < 16^20
> more than 20 moves ahead that Deep Blue can do.

-Keen! Let's see that competition!

I'm still waiting for your explanation that there are more real numbers than

You seem to have balked after showing Virgil's novel wasn't a copyright
issue at all, just 100% plagiarism.

"I suggest to those who listen that they enjoy the world, whatever
their piece of it may be, as much as they can over the next few days,
as soon enough, it will pass away, thanks to people who call
themselves 'mathematicians'." -- JSH envisions geek Ragnarok

****notes on sig****

RAGNAROK was the name of a C=64 game I never finished apart from the splash
screen and machine language main player movements, including swinging a club
left to right, and right to left! i.e. you could only hit players left,
right, or above you!

I even renamed it to NARG to save doing the graphics on the final letters!

I also did a ASTEROIDS control in machine language with a planet in the
middle of the screen with gravity, it was great added game play if you've
played Asteroids. Only problem was I didn't know any integration at the
time so my discreet gravity calcs. would knock you into a sling shot right
off the screen if you orbited too close to the planet!