Date: Jul 20, 2012 3:59 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-stat] Pre-test for AP Statistics

Nancy and All --

Nancy asks...

Does anyone us a pretest for AP Statistics? My school will now require a pretest to assess student ability prior to our AP Statistics class. If anyone is willing to share such an assessment I would like to have a guideline as I attempt to construct one.

Nancy, this strikes me as a really bad idea on quite a few levels:

It sounds like a plan to exclude students rather than include them in a math course that is and should be very inclusive. (My bias is showing here.) It also seems to me that an assessment drawing from their previous years worth of achievement would be much more reliable than a single assessment, and at the very least such information should be used in conjunction with a a specifically targeted assessment (="test"). You say your school "will now require a pretest." Is a pretest required for all classes, and if not why AP Stat? If it required for all classes, it defies logic to have teachers do this. Constructing an assessment that includes / excludes students is a serious business, and if done well would take years to accomplish. This is not something that should be dumped on a teacher to do, it is a task for an assessment specialist.

-- Chris

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