Date: Sep 20, 2012 2:24 AM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: A Chance For Another Prepective A Big Bang Bob L Petersen

A Chance For Another Prepective Or Growth In Knowledge

A Big Bang

Still? How? From What I Know Now

?My Math? gave me several answer that were true in more kinds of systems then I studied. I have just researched the kinds of questions I was curious about to find what I might have search for. Why? To find out if they fit with the answer I am about write about. There are also no words to describe what you have er seen something like it. I am wondering around this answer.

Down to some differences and sense of scale. All problems I encounter past a point were just indication of what I hadn't managed yet to consider. The screaming at me still continues here. Save us we may be on the streets like you. I have worked to do this.

Time is not a fire in which I burn.

?Spike? was the first ?Form? which was a Problem it should exist in between particles forming. This on the spreading wall of a expending ?Universe? forming at the center of a ?Black Hole? I went far beyond what could exist there possibly. What should happen to it?

?Laxian? The attempt to define what moves faster than the speed of light. They did not succeed and I have not yet either. These ?ACtions? are only within very small units of space or within ?Particles?. Without these no ?Particle? could interact with another ?Particle? during a collision to change there ?Form?. So short time compared to their life span. A question from after the original writings on the subject. What do I see in the pictures of such that is not like I might think it should be? What would make @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?

My original ?Form? for a ?Big Bang?. I has gone beyond the limit of matter existing. I posed a particle called a ?Chard? formed from an impact. It's range was not something I considered. But now it would be simpler to consider a particle which has not yet righted itself or balanced itself. Who needs range? A major violation of the ?Lock?. This never appear as a ?Black Hole???

I will now write how ?Big Bang? happens from a trapped ?Soup? of this kind.

There almost has two be a second perspective to solve this problem. I choose this after not being able to progress any further. String is a numbers search. I have stopped my equitation searches. I am I bucking anyone's IDEAS they are trying. It's a sound attempt. This also uses one rule written one the previous page. There are several ideas not in use that may or may not better define the ?Actions? but I'm not considering them at this time.

The deepest or hardest search for ?Parts? is I must have seen something that is like it or uses ?Actions? from my list.

Bob L. Petersen


This is the where I would like a teacher to walk from to find what must work. Walk till you find better. That as I would have done it only I would have to been out in space in a sphere I built. See the 28 pictures for some of the steps involved in it's construction. There would have of course been more.