Date: Sep 27, 2012 11:00 AM
Author: upindah cute
Subject: simulation authentication, authorization, and accounting in mobile wimax.

Hai. I am focusing on authentication,authorization and aaccounting (AAA) in Mobile Wimax. Can you please help me with simulator simulation regarding user authentication in wimax? can I make a matlab in my thesis. 
I am looking for simulation tool to simulate the security feature. I found, the authors in one of the paper simulated their work using matlab, but not authentication,authorization and aaccounting.
I make a mobile station, base station, aaccess service network and two server i.e radius server and dhcp server . is there a device the wimax device of simulink in matlab???

Or if you have any documentation about creating a wimax network in another simulator. can anyone give me link to step by step documentation, hints, or suggestions??? Thank you. Thanks in advance