Date: Sep 28, 2012 2:23 PM
Author: Richard Strausz
Subject: Re: To meet a challenge

Paul, I just saw a link in my weekly email from the Math Forum with info on a journal with a pedagogic focus (the emphasis appears to be undergraduate).

The De Morgan Journal

Through the De Morgan Journal, London Mathematical Society (LMS) aims "to encourage academic mathematicians to reflect on current issues in mathematics education at all levels, from primary school to graduate studies; to encourage them to explore links between higher mathematics and elementary mathematics; and to examine significant policy implications which may affect the wider mathematical, educational, or scientific community."

The journal began last year, publishing freely downloadable articles such as

Perceptions, operations and proof in undergraduate mathematics
Induction and Recursion
Multiple choice exams in undergraduate mathematics
Nurturing able young mathematicians
Acceleration or enrichment

Blog posts, which date back to November, 2011, have included

Finland's School Success
Wolfram Alpha, a year later
Circle in Box: quality books for mathematical circles
Word problems and the Khan Academy
In Praise of Pick's Theorem
Blame the teacher?

LMS also posts its policy documents here. See, in particular, "Position Statement on Use of ICT in teaching of mathematics at HE institutions," "Vision for Science and Mathematics Education 5-19," and "Bridging the Mathematics Gap."