Date: Sep 28, 2012 6:19 PM
Author: Haim
Subject: Re: The Prime Directive

Paul A. Tanner, III Posted: Sep 28, 2012 11:14 AM 

>Wayne and you are getting this all wrong. That which you
>call the education mafia - in other words, essentially,
>the complex that is the public school system and that
>which supports it - is the entity getting sued here, not
>the entity doing the suing.


The NY1 article that Wayne cited is pretty good, but it assumes a level of knowledge, about the Byzantine education system in New York State, that should not be expected of people who do not live in NYS. Very probably, many NYS residents themselves are ignorant on many essential points.

You simply have to understand that if it were up to the Education Mafia, Stuyvesant (by which I mean Stuyvesant High School and all her sisters) would not exist. That is why in the early 1970's a coalition of parents, teachers, and politicians successfully lobbied the NYS legislature to pass the Hecht-Calandra Act, which mandates the nature of the admissions mechanism into Stuvyesant. Hecht-Calandra was alluded to in the article,

>The Department of Education says its hands are tied.
>Since 1971, state law has required specialized high
>schools admit students based only on an exam. But the
>DOE has been expanding the program, which started out as
>just three schools.

Hecht-Calandra is the reason I refer to Stuyvesant and her sisters as "Protected Schools". I.e., they are protected against the Education Mafia. In the case of Stuyvesant, state law is the protection. State law is the reason their "hands are tied". State law is the reason the Education Mafia cannot do their will upon Stuyvesant, it is the reason Stuvyesant exists as we know it.

In NYC, there are some other protected schools. Or, there used to be. One of the most desirable, and competitive, schools in NYC is the Hunter College High School, a true, academically oriented institution, like Stuvyesant. The catch (for the Education Mafia), is that Hunter High School is not a NYC public school, at all. It was created as a laboratory school for Hunter College, and can best be described as a charter school created before there were charter schools. While Hunter HS maintains a highly cooperative attitude with the NYC DOPE (it recruits its students from NYC public schools), at the end of the day, Hunter HS is not a NYC public school and it remains academic in its orientation and competitive in its nature.

Mark Twain Middle School in Coney Island, a once superb academic instituion, was protected against the Education Mafia by a federal court order (I can get into the details if anyone wants). Mark Twain may still be a superb school, I do not know. I do know that the federal court rescinded its order around 2008. I know for a fact that changes have happened at Mark Twain, but I remain ignorant of all the details and their full implications. I hope for the best and I fear the worst.

The point is that unless Rachel Kleinman and the NAACP are morons, they have to sue NYS to get what they want. I will bet money the Education Mafia will be highly sympathetic to the plaintiffs and will probably even cooperate, at least to the extent of submitting an amicus curiae brief in favor of the plaintiffs.

I should also mention that the NY1 article reports the NAACP is moving against the admissions policies of eight schools in NYC,

>On Thursday, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund is filing a
>federal civil rights complaint, challenging the city's
>admissions process for eight specialized high schools,
>including Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech.

Some years ago, the Education Mafia decided that "if you can't beat them, join them." I.e., if they could not get rid of Stuvyesant, they would create several schools just like Stuyvesant. This would create opportunities for black and brown students to enter selective schools and it might dim the star of Stuyvesant. For reasons I do not fully understand (although I can make some pretty good guesses), such did not come to pass. The other five schools exist, but Stuyvesant is still "everybody's first choice", it is 70% Asian, the rest mainly white, and the Education Mafia's thirst for elitist blood has not been satiated.

In other words, if the true objective were a first class education for black and brown students, the NAACP should be suing NYC and NYS to make every school a Stuyvesant (and suing for a bunch of other things as well, like insisting on the expeditous firing of incompetent teachers---but that is a story for another time). I.e., every school should be academically oriented and competitive. Or, at least to build more schools on the Stuyvesant model. I mean, in a city whose student population is 1.1 million, why did they build only five extra schools? What is that all about?

That the NAACP is moving against Stuyvesant rather than for more academic schools with high standards, this is clear and compelling evidence that no one in this action is motivated by high academic standards or a desire for educational equity. They are motivated by the Prime Directive, and their purpose is to destroy, not to build. They do not want to build academic schools, they want to destroy Stuyvesant.

No representation without taxation.