Date: Sep 30, 2012 5:35 AM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: Position Announcement: Univ. of Alabama

Haim posted 14, 2012 8:08 PM (GSC's response follows):
> GS Chandy Posted: Sep 14, 2012 5:46 AM

> >Haim's critique (and all the pseudo-references he
> >provides to the existence of violence between
> >communities) may be safely ignored (and, indeed,
> >deserves to be ENTIRELY ignored)...

> GS,
> Please take your own advice.
> Haim
> Shovel ready? What shovel ready?
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Thanks for your suggestion (and for your earlier command that I should "BUTT OUT!"- which I did not obey).

You may observe that I had in fact ignored your posts for several years. I am not doing that now because I believe - from my OPMS created for Math-teach issues - that I must at least address if not actually tackle the problem that you represent.

("Still Shoveling Away!")

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