Date: Oct 11, 2012 2:23 PM
Author: Dave L. Renfro
Subject: Jonathan Groves (1981-2011)

A few minutes ago I learned that Jonathan Groves died on
4 June 2011 at the age of 29.

I learned this from this Editor's Note at the end of

Jonathan Groves, "An elementary counterexample in the
compact-open topology", American Mathematical Monthly
119 #8 (October 2012), 693-694.

The Editor's Note follows:

Johnathan Groves passed away on June 4, 2011 at the
age of 29 before this note was accepted. The Monthly
thanks a colleague of Jonathan's, who wishes to remain
anonymous, who saw the note through revisions and proofs.
We extend our deepest condolences to Jonathan's family.

According the [1], Jonathan has 2068 archived posts in
Math Forum. I can recall many of these being quite lengthy
posts, and probably a large majority of his posts were
made in the math-teach group. It appears that Jonathan
begin posting in early February 2009 and his last post
appears to have been made on 25 April 2011.


I found the following on-line obituary:

Dave L. Renfro