Date: Oct 23, 2012 2:46 AM
Author: kinor
Subject: Re: Cannot enable breakpoint(s) because of syntax error.

"Matt J" wrote in message <k643ok$7vk$>...
> "kinor" wrote in message <k641he$rrc$>...
> > Dear all,
> >
> > my matlab 2012a on win 7 64 bit tells me:
> >
> > Cannot enable breakpoint(s) because of syntax error.
> >
> > Cannot find function ...
> >
> > but it is a function which is on the path and it is found with the which command.

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> Sounds doubtful. Even if the function were not on the MATLAB path, that's no reason for it to be considered a syntax error.
> If you can, post your code and show at what line you would like to set the breakpoint.

Hi Matt,

thanks a lot for your reply, i have to admitt, it sounds really strange.
I copied the file now to another directory and now it works.

the funny thing:
when i set a breakpoint to the calling function and went in, then THIS function was executed.. without any error.

would be nice to get a hint in order to save time.