Date: Oct 31, 2012 9:27 AM
Author: jim
Subject: [ap-calculus] The ap-calculus EDG is now closed

The ap-calculus EDG is now closed for new subscriptions and postings. 
Any messages sent to the address will
not be posted and no replies or acknowledgements will be sent.

Please visit
to participate in the new AP Teacher Community for AP Calculus Courses

To learn more aboout logging on to the new Communities please see the instructions at:

When you sign up for the new AP Calculus Teacher Community and go to
"Preferences" in the upper right you can choose to get notices for
every posting or a daily digest for all the discussion threads.
To do this, click on Calculus on the left under Email Notifications and
choose from the options given on the right

The ap-calculus archives will continue to be available indefinitely
at the Math Forum at Drexel University:

Best wishes

Jim Swift
AP EDG Moderator Support