Date: Nov 27, 2012 4:48 AM
Author: hanson
Subject: Re: Stephen Fry does something no human has ever done before

"Mahipal" Virdy <> had an intellectual
intercourse with the "Earl of Medway" during the rise of the
Lunar Full Phase (28-Nov) which caused details to assume
gigantic proportions, strictly along the laws and opinions of
------- Mahipal's "me-force" & "Me-dway", the Earl: ----------
Frist things first for credit where credit is due:
... [[ zx...xz]] are all inserts by hanson
"Mahipal of Bharat: wrote:
"Earl of Medway" wrote:
Mahi [[ at age of 52]] wrote:
What's your age John? The music one is exposed to
is influenced by age.... ....[[ to face the music]]
Earl wrote:
My age is 40 +/- 70 which anyone can guess at. "John"
[[Parker, 72]] was a private email. Beware identity theft.
Mahi wrote:
it sounds like the beginnings of good joke... but you're
savouring your scotch... and mine. Look at you, I ask how
old are you? What you going to do? Jump and thrash me?
Earl wrote:
It's a glass of wine these days... but "Dirk Van de moortel "
is the nasty little faggot & a Belgium scumbag who boasted
to have put a Key-logger on my computer when my elder
daughter died of cancer in 2006.... [[ "Dirt VDm" 's job after he
got fired: <> ]].
Mahi wrote:
Dirk Van de moortel reads a lot like scumbag who stalked
your keyboard. I too lost my Sister to cancer a few years back.
Her age at passing was very difficult on our Parents. Be strong
& find comfort somehow.
John do ignore all the trolls and evil mongers that are immune
from the joys and sorrows of being Human. John, your quote
earlier today was is very inspiring:
Earl quoted & wrote:
"And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe
is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be... with all its shams, drudgery,
and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy." -- Max Ehrmann
Mahi wrote:
Earl wrote:
Excellent. Now we're communicating, you only had to ask.
Two beams are brighter than one if they arrive together.
It was Henry Wilson who first noted that delta T differed
from delta t to yield an apparent time dilation & compression.
So... no cataclysm. No Einstein relativity nonsense either.
[[[ <> ]]]
Mahi wrote:
Interesting graph where DT/dt < 0 in certain regions.
I have not found a good explanation yet concerning
the TWICE peakm in the GIF link.
Isn't this the detail Astronomers determine before the
Farmers keep insisting the rocks really fell out of the sky?
It is said that three wise men from India, Bangladesh and
Afghanistan) visited Bethlehem 2000 years ago bearing
gifts of gold, etc, were guided by stellar navigation.
Earl wrote:
The world was flooded when the Northern Ice Cap melted,
so Noah built a farm on a boat to save the animals. Such is
the nature of fables. Here is 2100 year old technology:
Mahi wrote:
I first saw the Antikythera demonstrated on a TV series:
"What The Ancients Knew"... a Plagiarist is never -- along
any direction along the time axis -- as thoughtful, insightful,
inspired, and talented as the Original Thinker... [[[[ which is
evident in Einstein, the wife-beater & Thief of E=mc^2:
<>, twice &
<> .... ]]]]
Earl wrote:
I'm a scientist. I have to ask, why would it explode TWICE?
The gif is very real data, not some tripe out of a text book.The
leading and trailing edge of the region of reversal are the peaks.
That curve is logarithmic, the second peak is also huge.
Einstein said: "light is always propagated in empty space with
a definite velocity c which is independent of the state of motion
of the emitting body" Oh no it isn't. ....[[[[ Einstein also said in
his 1905 paper: "the velocity of light 'c' in our theory (SR) plays
the part, physically, of an infinitely great velocity." ]]]]
Too bad, Einstein, but your second postulate is nonsense, the
spectrum will be strange with mixed red and blue Doppler shift.
Standard explanation: It's as probable as Ptolemy's epicycles cause
retrograde motion. Search for Henry Wilson in sci.physics.relativity.
Wilson is my student but he's very arrogant, wants all the credit.
Mahi wrote:
John, why are you in a wheelchair?
Earl wrote:
Arthritic ankle (broken when I was keeping healthy riding a
bicycle in Florida and got hit by truck driven by an uninsured
driver while she was tending her squealing infant), aortal
aneurysm, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. No more
golf, tennis or bicycles for me. Medical insurance being what
it is in the USA, I take advantage of the NHS and disability
living allowance that I paid for in my youth by living in GB.
Mahi wrote:
Very bad luck. I feel for you. Good you have Merry Old England.
In the past 3 USA weeks two pedestrians have been killed by hit
and run incidents near my city. In both cases the drivers were
not charged and not even detained by Law Enforcement.
Me, I drank at the bar, drove safely home, did not jerk off, but
still had my license suspended Makes me think I should've run
someone over instead. Oy.
Earl wrote:
Heck, my Jazzy is faster than walking, all I want is for all pubs
not to have steps as it limits my choice.
Trouble is some pubs are 900 years old.
Mahi wrote:
What could be more charming than having a scotch at a 900
years old pub?! In the USA we have nothing old, so I love
traveling to Europe and India.
Earl wrote:
India Goa? I was given a tour of their stills when I was there
in '83, that stuff is real 'shine. I was there as part of a team
installing a Sea Harrier Flight Simulator for the Indian Navy.
Kingfisher beer for the Russians but that Fenni shine was too
strong for me. Couldn't get Scotch.
Mahi wrote:
Yes, Kingfisher is a good beer. Cheers!
Earl wrote:
Freedom and rights have very different meanings,
but nobody is forced to board a plane.
Mahi wrote:
I suffer the humiliation being strip searched. Looking
Indian as I do, doesn't provide me any added leniency
when forced to pass through Customs, the Earth over.
Shaving, somehow, <trim> -- Enjo(y)...
Earl wrote:
Illegal immigrants try to get into Britain on the cross
channel ferry to Dover, but what they should do is go
through Ireland or Wales or Scotland, not England.
The filthy rich come directly in their own private plane.
Money talks and bullshit walks.
hanson wrote:
.... ahahaha...That story above is so wonderful, festive
and heart warming. Given the current state of Genealogy
and DNA testing, you 2 guys should make use of that.
Your tripe above has all the ear marks of the British Earl
[[72]] having finally found his son Mahipal [[52]] whom
he sired when he was on his stint in Goa.
Mahi go for that, whilst you should realize that 20 years
hence you will be just like your fatha Earl is now. You
have not done it yet... but you will do so, & make friends
with your fatha AND the Horror that he has seen on
||| "his a long lonely journey for him... You too must
||| know why it is called the magnificent Horror
||| with its moral terror & its endless darkness.
||| Horror has a face and you must make friends
||| with Horror. Horror & moral terror must be your
||| friends, for if they are not, then they are enemies
||| to be feared. They are truly enemies..."
One generation before that Goa encounter, in 1960,
India was an even more exotic land. Goa was still
Portuguese, and HAL (Hindustan Aircraft Ltd) had Prof.
Kurt W. Tank (ex-WWII Focke-Wulf -Nazi Luftwaffe) there
to develop the first jet fighter for the Indian Air Force,
the Marut.
The lovely Locals were still addressing Westerners
as "Sahib". When traveling up to Ootycamund via
Gudalur where hundreds of bare breasted maidens
adorned the rice fields, and crossing over the Nilgris
and the Ghats one drove on roads which were nothing
less than a Ruta de la muerte down on its steep descent
into the beautiful coastal areas of Kerala with its endless
black Monazite (Thorium) Sand Beaches, then pristine
and devoid of tourists.

Already back then, though still poor and rural, in Kerala
every youngster past 10 was fluent in 2 foreign languages
English and Russian... India was waking up and began
to be on the move... whilst the sun slowly set over the
English Empire that it once was...
Mahi, no need for you to feel embarrassed, apologetic
or making excuses... Your roots go way too far back!
Thanks for the laughs, guys.... hahahahahanson