Date: Dec 3, 2012 3:31 AM
Author: Murray Eisenberg
Subject: Re: V9 !!!

The Suggestions Bar is easy to turn off via Preferences. But I think 
Mathematica novices may find it useful, and even experienced users may
find it useful at times, especially when venturing into some new area of
Mathematica functionality.

The new built-in (kernel) vector analysis functions should be a boon to
folks needing them.

However, I've always had mixed feelings as Mathematica has grown to
build in more and more mathematical functions. At times this has taken
the edge off what was a valuable exercise for my undergraduate students:
defining more complicated functions -- e.g., div in vector analysis or
nullSpace in linear algebra -- that forced students to understand the
precise underlying definitions and algorithms. And it tended to take
away a sense of power and accomplishment when students could start by
defining the simplest kind of function, such as performing a single
elementary row operation, and step-by-step building ever more
complicated functions, culminating in something relatively
sophisticated, such as finding the orthogonal projection of a vector
upon the span of a given set of vectors, and even going further, such as
using the latter to find the least-squares solution to an overdetermined
linear system.

On Dec 1, 2012, at 4:37 AM, djmpark <> wrote:

> One thing that is nice is that if you have a six core machine you now get
> six parallel kernels!
> I don't know if I like the Predictive Interface very well. As many people
> know, I like to view the notebook interface as a plain piece of paper that I
> write on. With the New CellInsertionPointCell, and now the Predictive
> Interface it is gradually morphing into something that looks more like a
> palette. How many more doo-dads are they going to add? And the little
> buttons tend to interfere with other material on the page. Many will like
> these features, but if you don't like them you can disable them. The
> CellInsertionPointCell feature can be disable by an option for the notebook
> (in the Style Sheet say) CellInsertionPointCell->None. (You can get
> WolframAlpha just by typing = as the first character in a new cell.) And the
> Predictive Interface can be disabled by the "Show Suggestions Bar after last
> output" checkbox on the Preferences, Interface.
> The new Vector Analysis functionality is fairly nice, extending to higher
> dimensions.
> From: alexxx []
> Version 9.0.0 is here...
> anybody installed it yet? Reactions, critical bugs... ???

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