Date: Dec 4, 2012 6:57 AM
Author: Haim
Subject: Re: WG 13 Announcement: CERME 8 [Turkey]

Kirby Urner Posted: Dec 4, 2012 12:19 AM 

>Humans are stupid violent creatures. I don't know what
>your Education Mafia is supposed to do about that.


I was prompted to start submitting news items on multiculturalism by Jerry Becker's 25 Feb 2012 item,

"Position Announcement: Univ. of Alabama"

for which one of the key requirements was: Ability to teach with a multicultural perspective.

Now, you tend to be absorbed in promoting your own eccentric agenda, which is perfectly fine, but if you are going to pay some attention to other discussions then you should know there are things to know about them. In this case, you should know that multiculturalism is a very important item on the Education Mafia agenda. You even see it being specified on position announcements.

So, this is not about what I expect the Education Mafia to do about multiculti related violence. This is about inquiring into one specific item on the Education Mafia agenda.

Like much of what they do, the Education Mafia does not give a precise, explicit definition to what they mean by multiculturalism, they leave the idea rather fuzzy in order to give themselves maximum flexibility and minimal accountability. But, over the years and from a large body of literature, one can infer general outlines.

It is perfectly clear, to anyone who cares to even cursorily examine the historical record, and current events, that multiculturalism is an extremely dangerous social condition. Yes, of course, we all aspire to something better, but in the mean time the Education Mafia are playing with fire.

Who asked them to do this? Are they so effective at doing what they are supposed to do (you know, teaching math and reading and writing, etc) that they should now embark on this grand project of social engineering? Are we ready to bet the safety and security of our children, the very future of our society, on the puissance of these Masters of The Universe?

I, for one, think some humility would suit them much better and I would like to seem them stick to their knitting. Let's see some better performance from the Education Mafia on the more pedestrian tasks of teaching the basics, before they embark on their grand social experiments. Having spent much of my life in the 20th century, I have seen enough of grand social experiments.

No representation without taxation.