Date: Dec 4, 2012 11:04 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: Back to the ?Edge? of our Universe. ?Telsa Wave Form? Bob L Petersen

Back to the ?Edge? of our Universe. 4 degrees George Lucas

I managed to see the chart for the last reading taken of the temperature at the ?Edge?of the ?Universe?. I can't fully assume that what I see is do to what I want it to be. It could be caused by what we used or it could be do to something else in nature. The center of the bell shape indicates something that is propabaly important all by it's self.

Emission or causing by what may produce a wave of a ?Telsa Wave Forms? photon. But what is causing what is catching my eye. I will have to watch what thiink the ?System is doing. Here at this point I have only outlined what might be a possible correct answer.

I then searched usiing my math's groups using the points where there are no ?Telsa Wave Forms? present. I got no where til I adopted the view I was looking at information about the ?System? of Unit of ?Space? It has one ?Element? from ?Sting Theory? in it but one is only supposed to be looking at space in this at what any ?Systems? may make up anything. Here I am looking at ?Space?. String Theory is based on what makes up ?Particles? Here lies the problem for both theirs an mine. What are the ?Element? that are present.

The most important fact is that ?Element? are contained within the String Theory ?Element? counting up from the lowest.

I have not included my definition of a unit of ?Space? here.

But it is important to look at as I or you try to move our understanding forward.

There is more than one thing that will be solved in understanding what is going on there.

I can almost taste it.

I got back in here the day after I wrote this to change ?Telsa Wavelength? to ?Telsa Wave Form?. I moved on to think about what else it might ?Do?

Bob L. Petersen

I will keep my mine to myself til I get to include it with the others in a presentation. I would see myself as only doing what anyone could if they knew what I knew. Or what I know plus one more ?thing?.

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