Date: Dec 7, 2012 12:27 PM
Author: Halitsky
Subject: SE's and p's for four subset x MoSS roll-ups of u*e coefficient in c<br> = (u,e,u*e)

Here are the average SE and p values for u*e in the regression c on
(u,e,u*e), for each value of subset x Moss | (Fold,Set,Len) =

x u*e
Method SE p

SxN 0.491 0.454
SxC 0.602 0.462
SxR 0.547 0.463
SxC 0.512 0.478

Unlike the previous case of u^2 in c on (e,u,u*e,u^2), SxN DOES have
the lowest SE and the lowest p.

Now, I'm sure you'll say the differences are meaningless.

But there has to be some reason why the average slope Aube of the e
coefficient in c = (u,e,u*e) is giving us the striking "het" result at
method = N and sets 1, 3:

a1 a3 b1 b47 c1 c2
C S C S c S c S C S C S "Het"

N1 Aube H H L L H H H H L L L L 0
N3 Aube L L H H L L H H H H L L 0