Date: Dec 12, 2012 11:44 AM
Author: Paul
Subject: iterate over many inline functions?

Is there a way to group many inline functions into some single object so that I can then iterate over them? In my specific case, I have defined a set of 20 basis functions that I am using for a regression procedure. I've named the 20 inline functions like so:


Now I would like to specify that I actually want to use N basis functions for my regression and apply only those. So I'd like to gather my functions in some array-like object like this:

A=[phi1 phi2 phi3... phi20]

And apply a loop like this to calculate my design matrix:

x=set of data points
for i = 1:N
M=[M A(i)(x))]

so that if N=5 I'd end up with this matrix:

M=[phi1(x) phi2(x) phi3(x) phi4(x) phi5(x)]

I haven't found any way short of actually writing out by hand the functions to use for each case of N.