Date: Dec 12, 2012 2:14 PM
Author: Alan Smaill
Subject: Re: fom - 01 - preface

WM <> writes:

> On 12 Dez., 17:07, Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz
> <> wrote:

>> In <virgil-7E972C.00424412122...@BIGNEWS.USENETMONSTER.COM>, on
>> 12/12/2012
>>    at 12:42 AM, Virgil <> said:

>> >It is hardly clear from the snipped quote from my post that
>> >he/she/it necessarily refers to Cantor.

>> In fact, it should have been clear the "s/h/it" referred to WM. It was
>> not Cantor who made the claim.

> So you are not only a coward who is unable to admit that s/h/it has
> made a mistake (or is unable to perform first semester proofs), but
> also too uncultured to know what s/h/it talks about.
> Cantor said: Die bisherige Darstellung meiner Untersuchungen in der
> Mannigfaltigkeitslehre ist an einen Punkt gelangt, wo ihre Fortführung
> von einer Erweiterung des realen ganzen Zahlbegriffs (extension of the
> notion of real whole numbers) über die bisherigen Grenzen hinaus
> abhängig wird, und zwar fällt diese Erweiterung in eine Richtung, in
> welcher sie meines Wissens bisher noch von niemandem gesucht worden
> ist.

Still no definition of multiplication of transfinite numbers
with anything other than other ordinal or cardinal numbers.

> Regards, WM

Alan Smaill