Date: Dec 13, 2012 2:41 AM
Author: trj
Subject: Re: On the infinite binary Tree

> > But the problem that you will face is with the
> INFINITE undirectional
> > paths beginning from 0 of the infinite binary tree,
> now those paths
> > cannot be identified with the nodes at their ends
> because they simply
> > have no ending nodes because they are infinite, so
> you need to
> > calculate another way to map those kinds of paths
> to nodes.
> I did it already.
> Regards, WM

It is clear which way this is going now.
Zuhair, don't get frustrated.
Clearly WM never did any such thing, nor will he ever present
any evidence that he did such thing, nor will he ever volunteer to
do such a thing.

WM happens to believe in lots of things, including such a proof
of his, all of which never existed, never will be seen by anyone, but
all only reside in some confused part of his own brain.
If asked, WM will waffle around, insult you in various ways,
telling you that you do not understand any basics, that you have not
paid attention to his previous uncountable numbers of nonsensical
posts etc.
To attempt to reason with WM is just about the most fruitless
pursuit in which to engage. Find something better to do.