Date: Dec 16, 2012 5:28 AM
Author: Sam Wormley
Subject: Re: Is every physical property relative?

On 12/15/12 10:08 PM, Tom Potter wrote:
> "Sam Wormley"<> wrote in message
>> We have two major physical theories that do a remarkably good job
>> of modeling physical reality. Einstein's relativity and the quantum
>> mechanics.
>> I say remarkable in that there has never been an observation that
>> contracts a prediction of relativity or the quantum mechanics. It
>> is important to note that different observers may not see the same
>> order of event or the same outcomes, yet those measurements are
>> real, accurately describing the behavior of nature.

> Sammy, why don't you demonstrate the power and utility of Relativity,
> by using it to compute the shape of the Earth...

Wrong tool, Potter!