Date: Dec 28, 2012 4:23 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Objectified Santa Claus

How impossible is it that I get admitted into the perfect finishing
school to complete my objectification as a physicist and yet I know
exactly what to expect when I go to one of those vaunted institutions
of higher learning to beg for a job... (In the final analysis, the
Roman centurian who gives us the 'crumbs from the table' analogy is
objectified to me... Roman centurians clearly were the most worldly
individuals of their age... He hates the idea that Rome decided to
conquer Israel and he is mocking the Israelites in retribution for
it.) As tedius as it is to reiterate... It is not possible that Santa
Claus is not superobjectified by a Vietnam veteran with 60 sniper
kills... It is doubly impossible that the lesbian set can't comprehend
my logic in this regard... It is triply impossible that they think
they could argue against the idea... I mean it's like... If lesbians
are so stupid that they don't know from birth that a sniper with 60
kills in Vietnam is Santa Claus, the only point in arguing about it is
that your trying to convince me that you are stupid and given that I
have a lesbian cousin, I know for a damn fact that your stupidity is
not what your trying to convince me of...