Date: Jan 4, 2013 9:46 AM
Author: JT
Subject: Another count sort that certainly must exist, it do not have any<br> restrictions upon size of (S number of possibilities)

I remember doing this in a tentamen during my education in information
theory beleiving what i did was binary sort but my teacher informed me
it wasn't so what is it.
By creating a Pascal pointer binary tree with each leaf holding a
integer, you move the binary numbers to the tree from least digit to
highest using left legs for 0's and right for 1's. (Basicly creating
leaves for new numbers, and at last digit you add 1 to the leaf slot.
So after you moved all values into the tree and created all the nodes,
you simply read out all the none zero values holded into the slot of
the leaves within the binary tree.

What is this sort called?
Of course you cannot have more leaves then memory, but this does not
need to hold memory for slots never used like the array slots, it is
therefore my beleif that this sort could be useful also for database
purposes sorting basicly anything. What do you think?