Date: Jan 8, 2013 3:06 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Physics is Dead

Fractals are all about pattern and structure but if academe doesn't
have the pattern and structure to put the people who know about
pattern and structure into a job then where does that leave them and
me? You can talk about skipping stones and I know about skipping
stones but... if one of the things that I know about skipping stones
is that they are bad for my health then what can you conclude about me
given whatever pressure is applied to me to apply myself to them? A
Chinook helicopter generates a repetative cycle so what does that make
me? I am a repetative cycle factory that seems to be unnecessarily in
a repetative cycle so what is the cause? Ans: Fiber optics... It is
impossible that I can apply myself to anything relating to fiber
optics since I am a BRUT male... I simply don't have the space in my
brain to apply myself to whatever attenuation issues fiber optic
has... Monopoles are the thing for some in science... Monopoles don't
have premise... Their fabricated premise is that we have to have them
because we can't do anything about fiber optic... NOT MY PROBLEM...
I'M A BRUT male... Strong-Weak interaction doesn't have premise...
There wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for fiber optic but still...
You're not an expert on strong-weak interaction just because you've
studied it for so long... There simply isn't any premise for it.
Discover premise for strong-weak interaction and then you might have
something but otherwise...

I can't be a student of Hawking because at this point, he makes me too
jittery... By DEFAULT, I must be a student of John Nash... Well, John
Nash says we need to build a curtain over the entire space inside of
the CERN complex... Well, John, I guess then that we actually need to
build the Space Elevator as well, if that is true. whatever... What
about Newtonian **MATH**? It is way to simplistic to say that Newton
was wrong about some aspects of momentum without gaining a response
from him directly regarding it. Being that I'm an expert in pattern
and structure is the reason I would just like to mention it.

RENOUN... I gain renoun by double checking my answers when I take a
test... I don't suppose it is a paradigm that is relevant anymore...
There is structure to renoun... If nothing else, my life has
purpose... Elizabeth is Elizabeth THE GREAT... My renoun means that I
have patterned the Earth's 'grid' to receive her as such. Elizabeth
trusts me for the things I don't trust but she trusts them.