Date: Jan 10, 2013 2:20 AM
Author: James Stein
Subject: ImageSize inconsistency: ListPlot vs DateListPlot

I have been puzzling over the interactions between ImageSize, Frame,
various paddings, etc., and found what appears as inconsistent
behavior of such options. Consider the 2x2 array of plots produced by
this code: (Mathematica v9 or v8)

Clear[f, i3, g, d3];
d3 = {{{2012, 1, 1}, 1}, {{2012, 2, 1}, 2}, {{2012, 3, 1}, 3}};
i3 = d3[[All, 2]];
Print["d3=", d3 // MatrixForm, " i3=", i3];
f[b_] := ListPlot[i3, Frame -> b] // Framed;
g[b_] := DateListPlot[d3, Frame -> b] // Framed;
{{f[True], f[False]}, {g[True], g[False]}}

Three of the four results are the same size; the lower right result is
smaller than the others:
It seems that applying a Frame, or not, does not change the size of a
plot produced by ListPlot, but does change the size of a plot produced
by DateListPlot.

I seek an explanation for this behavior.